Shops and hotels discuss INNOVATUR following the help received (II)

In the first part of this interview, Bruno Correa from Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel and César Rivas from Lava Store talked to us about the impact of the assistance received from Innovatur, in this new interview they share their concerns, certainties and hopes about the post-pandemic world and how they believe their businesses will be affected when all this happens.

One of the lounges of the Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel.

How do you imagine the tourist sector after the pandemic?

Bruno Correa: At Paradise Park we’re convinced that things won’t be the same, but we can’t yet predict the extent to which consumer habits will change in our markets.

César Rivas: For us, we think things will go back to how they were before. Things will of course take their time to get back to normal, but it’ll be almost the same as we were used to before the start of this unique situation.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected you and what have you done to try to adapt to the new situation?

BC: We’ve used this downtime to carry out an extensive renovation of the kitchen and restaurant areas – what we hope to achieve is to adapt to new standards in quality and new trends, and be able to meet new post-pandemic demands.

CR: The products that we sold before the pandemic aren’t as successful now as they were previously, so in an exercise of recycling we’re adapting and finding ways to come up with other products that are more in demand on the local market.

How do you feel Innovatur will help in adapting to the situation brought about by Covid-19?

BC: We think this project will help us add new markets to our customer portfolio.

CR: It might feel like the project has been brought about due to impact of Covid, but the idea for the project was in place before all this happened. I’m convinced it will help me in the same way as before, in our work on improving visibility and sourcing sustainable fabrics.

How have you had to adapt to the new context? Have you seen this situation as a new business opportunity?

BC: I feel that constantly adapting is an ongoing process in this new situation, and we feel it’s necessary in order to see new business opportunities in our sector, which has been so heavily affected.

CR: We’ve had to switch production over to items that are in much greater demand. Undoubtedly, yes, it’s been a new business opportunity, which will change again once the situation becomes stabilised, and it’s highly likely that demand will be lower or even zero, and we go back to the products from before.

Bruno Correa / César Rivas

Innovating makes it possible to face this uncertain future with a little more confidence, and Innovatur has helped the participating businesses and accommodation establishments to provide more certainty while at the same time putting into practice those ideas that had been stored away ready to be put into practice. If there is one thing that both interviewees agree on, it is the positive outcome of the assistance received and the need to innovate in order to remain competitive.

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