Next steps for Innovatur

Following the tailored assistance provided for businesses and accommodation establishments involved in this European project aimed at reactivating tourism in the enclaves of Los Cristianos and Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Funchal in Madeira and Terceira in the Azores, the time has come to set the course for the next steps to be taken by Innovatur.

With the focus now on developing competitive business models, there are four points to these next steps of this plan to modernise tourism in these destinations in the Macaronesia region: investment strategies and securing financing; education and training on innovation; territorial cooperation exchanges; and the monitoring and assessment of the project and its continuity.

Investment strategies and search for finance

In this regard, following completion in previous stages of the proposal for conceptualisation tailored to each particular business, it is clear that businesses are going to need investment in order to renovate. The appropriate funding channels and incentives to be put in place will therefore be identified in order for their innovation to be implemented and to ensure the models proposed are effective.

Innovation education and training

Furthermore, as part of Innovatur’s cross-cutting approach, tailored training will remain ongoing. This involves initiatives adapted to each sector to ensure their direct and focused practical application to eco-innovation, branding management, revenue management and so on in the case of the accommodation sector, and to innovation in management, interior design, online marketing and online sales in the business sector.

Exchange of territorial cooperation

And as a project belonging to the MAC 2014-2020 cooperation programme and to the Interreg initiative of the European Union Regional Development Fund, Innovatur involves an interrelationship in the Macaronesia region. That’s why territorial cooperation exchanges are a must, one that must not fail at this point of the trajectory, and will continue to be developed by generating synergies and sharing experiences, such as analysing the success stories that have resulted from the project.

Project evaluation and continuity

And of course, to ensure the feasibility of the proposals put forward, Innovatur intends to monitor all these actions by conducting satisfaction surveys, analysing the replicated initiatives in other parts of the world or areas of activity and developing a platform for technological oversight and competitive intelligence, in order to ensure opportunities can continue to be leveraged and decisions can be made with the lowest possible risk.

Luis Gutiérrez Valido, head of the Technical Tourism Service of the Island Council of Tenerife.

In the words of Luis Gutiérrez Valido, head of the Technical Tourism Service of the Island Council of Tenerife and member of Innovatur, “innovation lies in evolving. It’s about business concepts that can reinvent and adapt to the period we’re living in. This means making the most of the material and human resources available to optimise the result and ensure that the tourism models in place are sustainable over time.”

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