Innovatur entering its final phase

Innovatur is entering its final phase in defiance of Covid-19, following personal support in the field for all the companies taking part, in which we’re seeing how the project has had a positive effect on the businesses and accommodation establishments. Cabildo de Tenerife, the project leader, and its members Turismo de Tenerife and the Chambers of Commerce of Madeira and Angra do Heroismo in the Azores, are now starting to see the resulting impact, as well as drawing conclusions that will help in tackling future projects based on a solid starting point.



Nevertheless, most of the companies taking part point out that despite having and generating a large quantity of ideas, the intensity of everyday activities makes carrying these out fairly problematic. This is main conclusion arising from the support carried out. Converting the drive for innovation into business culture is crucial, for providing companies enough capacity to allow them to set up procedures and tools helping them to push forward these ideas, and to do so on a continuous basis. Simply having innovative momentum is not enough: it is vital this momentum is sustained in the long term for it to be translated into new solutions.

While both the trade and accommodation sectors taking part share certain demands, distinguishing features have been identified for each one of them. For instance, standing out in trade is the demand for measures for improving interior design and showcasing their establishments, aiming to offer customers an enhanced experience that affects their final purchase. Strategically designing the point of sale draws customers ultimately making a purchase. Something similar to the User Experience in a digital environment: the better it is, the more chances of customers adding more things to items to their baskets.

On the other hand, accommodation businesses are particularly interested in boosting their positioning online and on social networks. They are aware that today’s customers spend a great deal more time on networks then previously: they know the ins and outs of online platforms, and use these to plan their holidays by comparing various tourist destinations.



The impact of Innovatur includes helping to foster a culture of innovation among the businesses taking part in the project. The aim is both to bring about a “domino effect” in which everyone gets behind innovation as the best possible response to tourists’ new requirements: increasingly digital, sustainable and demanding.

The seed of innovation is already germinating, and with continued public and private effort our tourist destinations will shine once again.

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