Facing adversity with increased innovation

Innovatur was founded to promote renovation through innovation in established tourist destinations in Tenerife, Madeira and the Azores. From the outset, the main aim of Innovatur has been to involve the commercial and accommodation fabric to break the vicious cycle of the loss of tourism value related to the passing of time.


Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Canary Islands.


TenerifeMadeira and the Azores are all outlying archipelagos and this situation entails several challenges, such as the constant quest to improve all the products and services they offer to compete with an increasingly demanding tourist market. The spontaneity of nature has given these three Atlantic enclaves the fortune of having mild climates that escape extreme temperatures. The regions are similar in terms of orography, climate and beauty although their development is different. This is where Innovatur has sought to provide a type of revolution through innovation by contributing a development perspective that is linked to digitalisation, image and commitment to the environment.

During 2020 we have had to face several challenges. We have endured a global pandemic which has marked negative historical milestones, not only in the number of deaths, but it has also affected the way we used to travel, our continental mobility and our understanding of freedom. The consequence of this new reality has been the unusual experience of zero tourism in many leading tourism destinations, something unprecedented to date and which has contributed towards relying on creativity, as well as making huge sacrifices to be able to stay afloat as an industry.

Despite being a disastrous year in terms of numbers, this year has also taught us to give our best, to study new approaches and to seek out alternatives to the tourism model that has dominated until now. An example of these alternatives is the promotion of our destinations as ideal teleworking locations on account of their safety, climate and cost of living. Tenerife and Funchal now feature among the 100 best places on the Nomad List web.



Moreover, in this essential and constant commitment to innovation, Tenerife has continuously strived to continue working and the fruit of this effort has been its certification as a Smart Tourism Destination (STD). The island of Terceira and its capital Angra do Heroismo continue along the path towards combining sustainability and technological development. An example of this is their platform StartUpAngra, designed to advise and promote local entrepreneurs.

2020 has been a difficult year, but it has also led to the development of new ideas generating alternatives based on innovation. Throughout 2021 we will continue to work on the idea of offering tourism adapted to the demands of the 21st century.

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