Come and see: 4 examples of commercial spaces being adapted to their brands

Ask yourself this question: Is my establishment attractive to the customers I’m interested in? If the answer is “No” or “I don’t know”, we invite you to join us in this tour of the four business examples that we at Innovatur have selected to show you the advantages of modernising the physical spaces of shops and hotels. If your answer was “Yes”, this is also of interest to you – to make your establishment even more irresistible!



Let’s be honest, a brand is nothing more than a promise. A promise of what the brand offers and what can be expected of it. And while brands indicate this intention, physical spaces are the opportunity to give form to the intention by transforming something as intangible as a promise into something tangible that can be easily understood. In a global environment where tourists are more demanding, more mobile and expect personalised products and services, it is essential to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the places where you have direct contact with them to build a different type of relationship and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Commercial spaces, by which we mean accommodation and commercial establishments, are facing a challenge which can’t be ignored: they need to adapt their component areas to transmit their identity, generating an experience. It’s time to analyse the customer you’re targeting to determine what they want and respond to what they expect from your brand. How do you go about this? In the previous INNOVATUR post we offered you guidelines for transforming the digital space of your business, this time we’re showing you four examples of hotels and businesses that have brought their brands to life through their physical spaces:


Hotel Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle (Los Cristianos, Arona. Tenerife). Before its repositioning, this hotel was called the Paradise Park Resort & Spa Hotel. It is now a clear example of the fact that adapting the brand is not limited to a purely aesthetic or architectural issue but also includes people. Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle aims for contagious happiness. They want to make both guests and staff feel part of a big family, because it’s not possible to have satisfied customers unless the employees are also satisfied.

The concept for the repositioning of this hotel was developed by Nosolocamas Alliance


El Draguito Garden Centre (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife). Far from being satisfied with keeping its business open, this family business has opted for modernisation as a way of adapting to the times and ensuring differentiation with respect to its competition. Its objective: to transfer the existing customer confidence to its physical space. This confidence has been cultivated over time and constitutes the main value of its brand.









The designer Alicia Toledo was responsible for the renovation of this commercial establishment.


Hotel Ponta do Sol (Madeira). This hotel positions itself as an elegant, relaxing place where you can escape from the world. It is a renovated traditional villa located on the edge of a cliff and overlooking the town from which it takes its name. The hotel maintains the distinctive style of its architecture and, far from isolating itself at the top of Ponta do Sol, it is imbued with its surroundings, rising as a refuge.














Indoor pool of Ponta do Sol Hotel –


Azor Hotel (Azores). This hotel has a modern and cosmopolitan look, with a focus on the local environment. The hotel positions itself as the gateway to the archipelago of the Azores and prides itself on its decoration. Through a harmonious combination of design and environment, the establishment integrates the nature that surrounds it with the exclusivity of its own space.












Inside the Azor hotel – WWW.AZORHOTEL.COM


We finish this tour by inviting you to apply to be the fifth example that completes this showcase. If you’re not sure where to start, let us help. Sign up for the free expert assistance offered by INNOVATUR, where we’ll help you offer your customers a differentiating experience by adapting your commercial space to your brand.



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