Are you a company? If so, here’s why Innovatur should interest you…

I don’t think my business is as attractive to my customers as it used to be. My hotel needs renovating, but I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t know who can help me. If you’re considering these issues, INNOVATUR is your solution.


Trends tell us that the experience of buying from small shops is highly attractive to tourists, especially in urban areas. This contributes to invigorating the economy, differentiating the destination and promoting more sustainable tourism through local consumption, as can be seen in the latest Global Report on Shopping Tourism prepared by the World Tourism Organization (WTO).

In the accommodation sector, the broad range of options available to clients means businesses need to customise their offers. Visitors want to stay somewhere different and special. As Jorge Schoenenberger from Deloitte Consultancy said at the last Hospitality Innovation Planet congress, “specialisation will allow you to market your offer with a higher average price. In short, the hotel of the future will be more specialised, and technology will always be behind the experience – whether it’s visible or not.”

To continue being competitive, we must be constantly aware of how tourists’ habits are evolving and adapt our businesses accordingly. However, even if we know the latest trends, would you know how to adapt your business or your accommodation? In response to this need, INNOVATUR offers free assistance from experts who will help you use tools such as the Innovation Agendas to adapt your establishment, products or services to meet the expectations of a clientele which has new tastes and is increasingly demanding.

At this point, you should answer the following questions to work out what decision to take:


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